CreatesMenuItems::add() — Method in class CreatesMenuItems
Adds a new underlying (submenu) MenuItem;
MenuItem::active() — Method in class MenuItem
Returns true if the element is active. Checked against the current path, as well as the current route, and the matches set in the matches method.
MenuItem::applyConfig() — Method in class MenuItem


MenuServiceProvider::boot() — Method in class MenuServiceProvider


CreatesMenuItemsClass in namespace Vynatu\Menu
Implements an add function that inserts MenuItem references; Used in RootMenuItem and MenuItem (by subclassing)
RootMenuItem::count() — Method in class RootMenuItem
Count elements of an object


$MakeMenuCommandProperty in class MakeMenuCommand
$MenuServiceProviderProperty in class MenuServiceProvider


MenuManager::extend() — Method in class MenuManager
Registers a menu class extender in the container.


MakeMenuCommand::fire() — Method in class MakeMenuCommand


MakeMenuCommand::getStub() — Method in class MakeMenuCommand
Get the stub file for the generator.
MakeMenuCommand::getDefaultNamespace() — Method in class MakeMenuCommand
MakeMenuCommand::getOptions() — Method in class MakeMenuCommand
Menu::getFacadeAccessor() — Method in class Menu
MenuInstance::generate() — Method in class MenuInstance
MenuInstance::getMenu() — Method in class MenuInstance
MenuManager::getMenu() — Method in class MenuManager
MenuManager::get() — Method in class MenuManager
Gets the specific menu out of the menu container, builds it and calls extenders on it.
RootMenuItem::getIterator() — Method in class RootMenuItem
Retrieve an external iterator


MenuItem::hasActiveSubMenu() — Method in class MenuItem
Checks if a sub-menu is active
RootMenuItem::hasSubItems() — Method in class RootMenuItem


RootMenuItem::items() — Method in class RootMenuItem


RootMenuItem::jsonSerialize() — Method in class RootMenuItem
Specify data which should be serialized to JSON


MakeMenuCommandClass in namespace Vynatu\Menu\Console
Laravel command to create menus using the provided stub
MenuClass in namespace Vynatu\Menu\Facade
Optional facade you can add to the aliases section of app.php
MenuInstanceClass in namespace Vynatu\Menu
Used to create new menus or extend already existing ones. This class is instanciated only when needed.
$MenuInstanceProperty in class MenuInstance
MenuItemClass in namespace Vynatu\Menu
Main package functionality lies here; It is used to create sub-elements or to add attributes to a menu item, either by using magic method or magic assignments.
MenuItem::matches() — Method in class MenuItem
Adds a match for a URL (path) or a route name.
MenuItem::makeTag() — Method in class MenuItem
Creates an HTML Tag out of the item
MenuManagerClass in namespace Vynatu\Menu
Adds, extends and generates menus. Result of app('menu')
MenuServiceProviderClass in namespace Vynatu\Menu
Laravel Service Provider exposing the menu functionality


NoSuchMenuFoundExceptionClass in namespace Vynatu\Menu\Exceptions


MenuItem::offsetSet() — Method in class MenuItem
RootMenuItem::offsetExists() — Method in class RootMenuItem
Whether a offset exists
RootMenuItem::offsetGet() — Method in class RootMenuItem
Offset to retrieve
RootMenuItem::offsetSet() — Method in class RootMenuItem
Offset to set
RootMenuItem::offsetUnset() — Method in class RootMenuItem
Offset to unset


MenuServiceProvider::provides() — Method in class MenuServiceProvider


MenuItem::route() — Method in class MenuItem
Sets the url parameter to the resolved value of $route
MenuItem::remove() — Method in class MenuItem
Removes an item from the menu item configuration. Also works on sub-menus.
MenuManager::register() — Method in class MenuManager
Registers a new menu in the menu container.
MenuServiceProvider::register() — Method in class MenuServiceProvider
RootMenuItemClass in namespace Vynatu\Menu
A root menu item that contains multiple MenuItem classes. This class can only contain some MenuItem, and never other menu variables.
RootMenuItem::replaceItemName() — Method in class RootMenuItem


$MakeMenuCommandProperty in class MakeMenuCommand
MenuInstance::setMenu() — Method in class MenuInstance
MenuItem::strict() — Method in class MenuItem
Enabled strict mode (This means that query params are also evaluated). Full URL is then required to match.
MenuItem::slug() — Method in class MenuItem
Changes the slug-name of the element. This is useful when you want to make it easier for other people to extend your menus.
MenuItem::setParent() — Method in class MenuItem


$MakeMenuCommandProperty in class MakeMenuCommand
RootMenuItem::toJson() — Method in class RootMenuItem
Convert the object to its JSON representation.
RootMenuItem::toArray() — Method in class RootMenuItem


NoSuchMenuFoundException::__construct() — Method in class NoSuchMenuFoundException
MenuItem::__set() — Method in class MenuItem
Sets a variable to a value (Direct assignement)
MenuItem::__call() — Method in class MenuItem
Sets a variable to a value (function chaining method) If nothing is passed as parameter,
$MenuManagerProperty in class MenuManager
$MenuManagerProperty in class MenuManager
$MenuManagerProperty in class MenuManager
MenuManager::__construct() — Method in class MenuManager
$RootMenuItemProperty in class RootMenuItem
RootMenuItem::__get() — Method in class RootMenuItem
Gets a submenu item using magic